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poll for new #bentobuddy

With unimpressed giraffe’s newfound popularity has come a busier photoshoot schedule. As a result, I think he might like the chance to share the spotlight with someone else.

unimpressed giraffe lookin' fancy

unimpressed giraffe lookin’ fancy

Just kidding, unimpressed giraffe, I know you love all the attention! But adventures, both culinary and otherwise, are better with friends. So who would you like to see join unimpressed giraffe as a food taster? Vote below!

#bentobuddy poll

new #bentobuddies

The simple color names below are not final. Please suggest a name for your favorite #bentobuddy in the comments! If I pick your suggestion and you leave your name in the comment (nickname, real name, online name, etc.), I’ll give you a shout-out in the first appearance of our new #bentobuddy.

Update: poll is now closed – get ready to see some photos of Mischievous Monkey! (Since Bear was a close 2nd, he may make an appearance in the future as well.)